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What is valid XML document? Design DTD for address book

Well-Formed and Valid XML YouTube. xml validation is used to check xml document a "valid" xml document is a "well formed" and "well structured" xml document. it must fallow all rules of a, the difference between well-formed and valid xml is simple: valid xml has a dtd associated with it and has been verified against all the rules contained in the dtd in).

Nine Rules for Creating Good XML. XML that follows these rules is said to be "well formed." But don’t confuse well-formed XML with valid XML! xmlwf - Unix, Linux Command Manual Pages Determines if an XML document is well-formed A well-formed document must adhere to the following rules: Tag

The XML FAQ Frequently-Asked So…here are the rules: Well-formed XML. A valid file begins with a Document Type Declaration specifying a DTD, XSLT Example; XSLT